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“It’s Not About You! 12 Things Every Successful Actor Knows”

Improve Your Acting Game

“Inside all of us is each of us.”- Brionne Davis

We are a team of working actors and industry professionals committed to empowering you toward your highest potential.

 At Actors Vibe we are committed to an on-going introspective journey.  Actor and director, Brionne Davis (Academy award nominated Embrace Of the Serpent), teams up with actor Troy Metcalf (The Middle) to offer you the skills and philosophy that will make you a powerful commodity in the entertainment industry. 

The key to discovering your character is to know yourself first. We will teach you how to unite yourself with a character, improve your audition game, and empower you to stretch beyond limitations.

For more experienced actors, writers, and directors who want a place to work-out and explore new material between gigs – our home is for you!

Our inspiring process utilizes techniques and lessons influenced by such great teachers as Uta Hagen, Stanislavski, Chekhov, Sanford Meisner,  Mike Nichols, Paul Sills and many more.

In addition to understanding the process of breaking down a character in any script, you will leave each class inspired on a personal level and with an elevated appreciation for the work and yourself.

Private Sessions

Actors Vibe offers private coaching for actors and consultation for directors. Private coaching for auditions and roles that you have booked.

Mastering the Craft

A multi-level class, taught by Brionne Davis, that focuses on the craft of acting and the in-depth study of the human condition. This class will elevate your confidence in the audition room and on set. This class will empower you! An initial three-month commitment is advised for new members.


Our Students Love Us

“Brionne not only sharpens actor’s skills, but has a remarkable way of teasing out the inner soul of the actor, and therefore the character. A true mentor.”

Andrea Flowers


“Brionne is always thinking out of the box. His talent is as huge as his heart, Actors get so much out of working with him.”

Barbara Niven


“I love Brionne’s freedom and his sense of truth. I left my coaching with him with the absolute certainty that I was going to book the job. He asked me questions about the character, but, also had the ability to guide me into tapping into the character’s inner truth. He didn’t tell me, we discovered it together. It was incredible and inspiring, I trust him.”

Maggie Lehman


“Brionne has a natural gift for cutting right to the heart of a character and an almost clairvoyant grasp of how an actor lives through them. I’ve had the great fortune of being directed for the stage and coached for auditions by Brionne. He has always brought me to a far deeper understanding of the roles I play and of the human condition as a whole."

Sean Serino

Actress / Writer

“Brionne Davis coached me before my audition for Ironside on NBC and I booked the part! He really knows what is important.”

Gary Franco

Actor / Dancer / Choreographer

"I studied under Brionne for two years and saw tremendous growth.  My skill-sets as an artist, my leadership qualities, and my confidence as an actor and as an individual grew through Brionne's coaching and mentor-ship.  After studying under Brionne, I had the confidence to start my own production company and produce my first film!  Brionne has a great talent for seeing walls that are holding you back, even when you may not see them yourself.  I had multiple breakthroughs in his class and I highly recommend any actor at any skill-set looking into his coaching."

Alex Kyle Young


"Troy is a pro! I love coaching with him. He takes the time to break down each moment perfectly so my uniqueness shines through. I feel bulletproof walking into casting after! Highly recommend."

Cherise Bangs


"Troy was wonderful. He had already reviewed my audition sides before our private coaching session and made me feel comfortable immediately. Troy is incredibly nice and gives notes in a way that I could grasp and apply straight away. He really helped me hone the direction I needed to take the character and helped me flesh out the backstory and really use it in the scene. He had great technical pointers for me and going through the sides section by section to make sure I had the clear thoughts and opinions I needed made me feel I could really sink into the character. We ran it through several times after using all the tools I'd learned with easy notes and redirects and I left our session feeling very confident about the audition. I highly recommend him for your next audition prep!"

Ashley Law


"Troy coached me on a tough one-liner audition for a major show. He did his "homework" even before our session started-- watched the show, learned about my "type" of character, and studied the sides. The result was a half hour coaching session full of great direction and abundant options for me to take into the audition room! Long story short, because I walked into the room prepared, calm and collected, I made a great first impression with the casting office! I will be calling Troy for all of my future coaching needs."

Andrea Flowers


"Excellent coach. Great insight, found nuances in a scene that most would miss. Totally impressed!! I've found someone I can go to for important auditions."

Jayne Han


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